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RC3 Long Night of Research

1st Edition - 23/24 March 2023, Online
How can research make a difference on volunteering?

The RC3 Long Night of Research was the first global online event dedicated to showcasing and reflecting on how research can make a difference on RCRC movement’s volunteering practices.

The event featured 23 exciting sessions, with a mix of academic panels and interactive workshops.

By bringing together researchers, practitioners, and volunteers involved in our Movement from all around the world, this event provided a truly global platform and encouraged the emergence of rich, constructive, and action-oriented debates on current volunteering practices and future volunteering development.

You can watch the recordings and download the slides of the sessions in the Agenda and Session Directory.

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RC3 Collaborative project on Research & Volunteering

The RC3 Long Night of Research is the final outcome of a three-year collaborative project of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Research Consortium (RC3) and the IFRC Volunteering Alliance aimed at:

  1. Bringing all knowledge and expertise on volunteering created by members of the RCRC movement together to capitalize and move forward, 

  2. Supporting the development of a strong volunteering research culture,

  3. Promoting evidence-based volunteering development and management practices within the movement

To achieve these objectives, members of the RC3 have been working on two other key resources: a Database and a Sourcebook.

Database of RCRC Research on Volunteering

The first step of this project consisted in conducting a review of research reports, studies, and academic papers about volunteering produced by the RCRC movement (i.e., RC3 members, RCRC Reference Centres, and National Societies) and on RCRC volunteers. This was done through conducting interviews with RC3 members and sharing an online survey with members of the IFRC Volunteering Alliance to collect national societies' research on volunteering. This literature review allowed to identify and collect 60 resources.


A SharePoint was created to centralize these resources and is now accessible on the IFRC Volunteering Alliance Webpage.

cover of the source book

Reference Guide on Volunteering Research

In addition to the database, the RC3 and the Volunteering Alliance have been working on centralizing some essential academic readings on volunteering. To this end, they have partnered with Northumbria University’s Centre for Global Development to create a comprehensible introductory guide to research on volunteering.

Rather than an exhaustive and systematic mapping of all existing research on volunteering, this document includes a selection of key resources for practitioners and volunteers to engage in reflections around their volunteering practices and strategies. It includes resources in English, Spanish and French and is organized in relation to strategic thematic areas and IFRC's geographical regions of work. 

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